The Vasyli Foundation is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the global orthotic footwear company, VIONIC Group.

The foundation supports a number of charities internationally which strive to improve health outcomes in poor and under privileged communities.

The Vasyli Foundation’s objective comes from the strong conviction of the VIONIC Group Founder and Chairman, Phillip Vasyli, along with his family members, who are firm believers in giving back to the community.

Together the Vasyli family formed their own charity, the Vasyli Foundation to help those in need across the world.

With the help of his wife Donna and children Aron and Lauren, the Vasyli Foundation is an ever evolving organization that prides it’s self in giving 100% of all proceeds back to the Foundation.

phillip-vasyliPhillip Vasyli is the founder and Chairman of VIONIC Group, a global orthopedic footwear company. Phil started out owing his own laboratory in Australia back in 1979 treating patients for almost a decade. He then eventually broke the mold of the podiatric world and developed an over the counter product which went global many years ago. Phil has always donated money to charities close to his heart which led him to develop and patent the VASYLI Foundation over 5 years ago. He has now, after many brainstorming sessions with his family members, developed a way to support up and coming talent throughout the world who don’t have much of a chance due to financial restrictions.
about2-donna-vasyliDonna Vasyli, wife to Phillip and mother to Aron and Lauren has always been known for her kind soul and bright spirit.  Donna’s natural good will started her profession as a dental technician in Sydney, Australia before marrying Phillip and then raising their two children, Aron and Louren.  Truly a nurturing soul who’s motherly instinct and caring values are the root of the family’s moral and traditional values.
about3-aron-vasyliAron Vasyli, Son of Phillip and Donna Vasyli, has a gift for creativity and design.  Aron, has worked  with the Vasyli family business since 2004 and is constantly evolving into different ventures including co-founding the International apparel and footwear company VAS ( which is currently sold through Footlocker in Australia and New Zealand.  Aron is also the marketing co-ordinator and investor in a new Voice based social media application/network, VoiceBo (
about4-lauren-vasyliLauren Vasyli, daughter of Phillip and Donna Vasyli has always loved giving back. She was seeking out injured and needy animals and individuals since childhood. Lauren with the aid of her husband Quinten and Business partner, Dr. Kenneth Kemp is opening the first ever Sports and Orthopedic Analysis Center in the Bahamas targeting young Bahamian athletes.  Although her focus is giving the young athletes of the Bahamas a chance to compete on the global stage she is also extremely interested in helping other talents, especially those close to home.